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Graduate Studies


Advanced Degrees

The college offers more than 35 master's and doctorate degrees. Find a complete list of graduate degrees at WSU Graduate School Degree Programs.

American Studies M.A. Ph.D.
Anthropology M.A. Ph.D.
Biology M.S.  
Botany M.S. Ph.D.
Chemistry M.S. Ph.D.
Computational Finance
Criminal Justice M.A. Ph.D.
English M.A. Ph.D.

Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences
* Master's degrees are awarded in either environmental or natural resource science.

M.S. Ph.D.
Fine Arts M.F.A.  
Foreign Languages and Cultures
(Spanish only)
Geology M.S. Ph.D.
History M.A. Ph.D.
Materials Science Engineering   Ph.D.
Mathematics M.S. Ph.D.
Music M.A.  
Physics M.S. Ph.D.
Political Science
* The M.A. in political science is awarded only with an emphasis in global justice and security studies, or as part of the doctoral program.
M.A.* Ph.D.
Psychology - Clinical
Psychology - Experimental
* The M.S. in psychology is awarded only as part of the doctoral program; it cannot function as a terminal degree.


Public Affairs
(Vancouver campus only)
Sociology M.A. Ph.D.
Zoology M.S. Ph.D.
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