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The College of Arts and Sciences and its schools and departments offer fellowships to graduate students. Most of the donated funds reside in the individual departments of the college.

Awards of fellowships follow the wishes of the donors, and thus student eligibility varies from fund to fund.

In addition to named or memorial fellowships, general donated funds are often used to provide fellowship opportunities for graduate students.

Some fellowships and research assistantships can be awarded to self-identified underrepresented minority students. Grant-supported intern opportunities, such as the NIH Biotechnology Training Program, are also available in some areas.

Application inquiries should be directed to the appropriate academic unit.

Named Fellowships

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Phil Abelson Graduate Fellowships in the Physical Sciences
  • Neva Abelson Graduate Fellowships in the Life Sciences
  • Boeing Company Graduate Fellowship in Environmental Science
  • Herbert L. Eastlick Distinguished Graduate Fellowship
  • Golding Family Graduate Fellowship for Women
  • Dr. Edward R. Meyer Fund for Graduate Scholarship Awards
  • Leon and Barbara Radziemski Graduate Fellowship

A wide variety of school and departmental fellowships is available. Please contact the program you are interested in for additional information.

Past Recipients of the Boeing Graduate Fellowship in Environmental Science
  • 2012: Sam Dira, anthropology
  • 2011: Ai Wang, history
  • 2010: Jennifer Brown, history
  • 2009: Kelly Derr, anthropology
  • 2008: Ellen Rogers, political science
  • 2008: Cynthia Wiecko, history
  • 2007: Lauren Richter, sociology
  • 2006: Kennon Kuykendall, sociology
  • 2005: Troy Wilson, anthropology
  • 2004: Kerensa Allison, anthropology
  • 2003: Benedict J. Colombi, anthropology
  • 2002: Michael Egan, history
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