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The WSU pharmacy preparation track is a high-quality, in-demand undergraduate program on the Pullman campus. It is open to students in any major interested in applying to any of the more than 100 professional pharmacy schools in the U.S., including WSU's own.

Professional Advising

Through the pharmacy preparation program, professional and highly experienced advisors are on hand to help you ...

  • become a competitive applicant for the professional pharmacy school of your choice, including coursework and non-academic preparations. There are over 114 professional schools of pharmacy in the U.S. with varying prerequisites.

  • create a plan to apply to professional school at your own desired pace and create a "back-up" plan for alternatives to pharmacy school.

  • integrate pharmacy school prerequisite courses into your four-year academic plan while pursuing your major of choice.

Pursuing a Major Course of Study

It's important to note that there is no one best major for those intending to become pharmacists. Chinese, Spanish, psychology, biology, and biochemistry are just a few of the majors students in WSU's pharmacy preparation program have pursued in past years. It is important, however, that prerequisites for the professional school of your choice are completed. A sample degree plan for WSU's College of Pharmacy is an interesting resource for many students.

NOTE: Many professional pharmacy schools do not require you to obtain an undergraduate degree. Visit with your pharmacy advisor for more information.

Pre-Pharmacy specialist

Marian McDonnell Horton

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