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Most students earn a bachelor's degree and then apply to a four-year professional program in veterinary medicine. While only three years of pre-professional study are required, you will be much better prepared for entrance exams and professional study after a full four years of college study.

You can choose any major you like - just be sure to fulfill the core requirements for admission to veterinary professional schools.

A solid and broad undergraduate experience is a crucial foundation for the successful completion of the typical veterinary curriculum you will be facing in professional school.

WSU offers two additional pathways toward veterinary medicine for high achieving students.

  • The Honors College and College of Veterinary Medicine offer a dual honors veterinary medicine program. Successful completion of this joint program takes seven years and results in the attainment of a BA/BS and a DVM.
  • A similarl seven year program is offered by the Department of Animal Sciences and College of Veterinary Medicine. Successful completion results in a BS in animal sciences and a DVM.

Benefits of the veterinary medicine track

Students are assigned a dedicated professional staff mentor within the Pre-Health Office. They also have access to many opportunities to build their portfolio for professional school, including practice interviews and personal assistance with applications. The faculty and staff in the Pre-Health Office are excited to help all veterinary track students achieve their academic and career goals.

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