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Fall and Winter, 2013-14

In this issue we learn about the work of our most recent doctoral graduates, the cutting-edge GIS research of our newest faculty member, what three alumnae tell us about their graduate experiences in Pullman, and more.

We are also pleased to introduce Jordan Rinehart, whose Summer research trip to Ethiopia was featured in our Summer 2013 issue, as the new Co-Editor of Sociology E-News.

In this issue...

Robert Sampson Receives William Julius Wilson Award

In October, Prof. Robert J. Sampson received the William Julius Wilson Award for the Advancement of Social Justice, created in honor of, and presented by WSU Sociology Department Alum Prof. William Julius Wilson, who obtained his Ph.D. at WSU in 1966. 


Sociology Undergraduates on the Move

As the Fall 2013 semester drew to a close, many of WSU Sociology’s 111 undergraduate majors were knee-deep in preparation for graduation and into the next phase of their lives.  


Starting Out: The Experiences of 10 New WSU Sociology PhD's

Years of study go into getting that doctoral dissertation written and approved. But what happens when it is finished? We asked the 10 individuals who finished sociology doctoral degrees from spring 2012 to fall 2013 to share with us their experiences as they began work in positions ranging from assistant professor to strategic planner.


Where Has the Hazardous Waste Gone?  For Answers, Ask Prof. Scott Frickel

Each year U.S. manufacturers report depositing more than 3 billion pounds of hazardous waste into on-site landfills – a figure that the Environmental Protection Agency acknowledges vastly understates the scope and complexity of the problem. What happens to the environmental legacies of these industrial practices over time?  


Keeping Up with Alums and Former Faculty

In this issue we catch up with three of the 375 individuals who have received Sociology PhD’s from WSU. They responded to our questions about what they are now doing and share thoughts about their graduate school experience in Pullman.    


Prof. Raoul Liévanos Brings New Methodology to the Study of Social Inequality

A growing amount of sociological research is integrating new methodologies to address classic theoretical questions about the role of spatial context (for example, the neighborhood or distance from socially-desirable goods) plays in shaping the life chances of peoples and places in society. 


Sociology Department Welcomes New Graduate Students

The WSU Sociology Department welcomed eight new PhD students at the beginning of the Fall semester. These students came from across the United States and abroad to pursue a variety of sociological research interests, including environmental and political sociology, inequality, education, and crime. Read more...

Your E-News Editors

Jordan Rinehart is a second-year sociology graduate student at WSU.  He joined the program after spending five years in nonprofit management, including working to increase civic participation in underserved communities across the United States. As a new co-editor, Rinehart hopes to highlight the growing importance of sociology graduates' work in the labor force.

Rinehart's research interests include labor markets, organizations, and quantitative methods.

Don Dillman

Don Dillman has been a sociology faculty member at WSU since 1969. He describes his WSU journey as being just long enough to track many sociology graduates throughout their careers from graduation to retirement. As co-editor he hopes to find ways to link alums now scattered throughout the world with the excitement of current happenings in the Sociology Department.

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