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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences

2020 Award Recipients

Seventeen faculty, six staff, and six graduate students have been honored for their contributions to the WSU community and their commitment to excellence.

Faculty Career and Service AwardsFaculty Teaching AwardsStaff AwardsGraduate Student AwardsCommunity Slideshow

Click on the thumbnails to learn more about these exceptional individuals and their outstanding contributions to our community, our university, and our society.

Faculty Career and Service Awards

Matthew SuttonDistinguished Faculty
Matthew Sutton
David JarvisOutstanding Career Achievement
David Jarvis
Bonnie Hewlett Outstanding Career Achievement
Bonnie Hewlett
Clinical Assistant Professor
Courtney MeehanMid-Career Achievement
Courtney Meehan
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Clif StrattonMid-Career Achievement
Clif Stratton
Clinical Associate Professor
Patty WildeEarly Career Achievement
Patty Wilde
Assistant Professor
Sophia TegartEarly Career Achievement
Sophia Tegart
Clinical Assistant Professor
Tahira ProbstOutstanding Achievement in International Activities
Tahira Probst
Andrew DuffExcellence in Institutional Service
Andrew Duff
Professor and Chair
Bala KrishnamoorthyInterdisciplinary Catalyst Award
Bala Krishnamoorthy
Mathematics & Statistics
Shannon TushinghamPublic and Community Engagement
Shannon Tushingham
Assistant Professor

Faculty Teaching Awards

Carrie CuttlerMullen Memorial Teaching Award
Carrie Cuttler
Assistant Professor
Eric RoalsonExcellence in Graduate Advising and Mentoring
Eric Roalson
Biological Sciences
Sandy CooperLutz Teaching Excellence Award
Sandy Cooper
Associate Professor
Mathematics & Statistics
Fred GittesExcellence in Teaching by a Clinical Faculty Member
Fred Gittes
Clinical Professor
Physics & Astronomy
Dale WillitsExcellence in Graduate Teaching
Dale Willits
Assistant Professor
Criminal Justice & Criminology
Kayo NiimiExcellence in Teaching by an Instructor
Kayo Niimi
Languages, Cultures, & Race

Staff Awards

Arlene ParkayOutstanding Career Achievement
(Administrative Professional)
Arlene Parkay
Assistant Director
Student Recruitment & Retention
Yoshi Kevin KodamaOutstanding Career Achievement
(Civil Service)
Yoshi Kevin Kodama
Information Technology Support Technician
Amanda YagerEarly Career Achievement
(Administrative Professional)
Amanda Yager
Grants and Contracts Manager
Grants & Fellowship Support
Emily LewisEarly Career Achievement
(Civil Service)
Emily Lewis
Graduate Program Coordinator
Mathematics & Statistics
Molly ClaytonExcellence in Undergraduate Advising
Molly Clayton
Academic Coordinator
Mathematics & Statistics
Kara McClanahanStaff Peer Mentoring
Kara McClanahan
Instructional Support Supervisor
Biological Sciences

Graduate Student Awards

Ralph ChikhanyExcellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student
Ralph Chikhany
Mathematics & Statistics
Tabitha EspinaDoctoral Student Achievement in Humanities
Tabitha Espina
Duncan TitusMaster’s Student Achievement in Arts
Duncan Titus
Austin PattonDoctoral Student Achievement in Sciences
Austin Patton
Biological Sciences
Charles Toye<br />
Master’s Student Achievement in Humanities
Charles Toye
Languages, Cultures, & Race
Jonathan Preszler<br />
Doctoral Student Achievement in Social Sciences
Jonathan Preszler


Community Slideshow

Six images from the community slideshow.

Scroll through our Flickr gallery for an informal look back at 2019-2020 (May to April).