Academic Student Employees (ASE)


Time off

Unless otherwise approved, vacation time off must be used in four-hour increments.

Vacation time off shall be taken during academic semester breaks or as otherwise mutually agreed upon by the ASE and their supervisor.

To request vacation hours:

  • The ASE shall provide written notice (i.e., email, text, IM) to their supervisor in advance of the requested vacation time as soon as the need for time off is known.
  • If an ASE is requesting time off, they are to provide a work plan for any duties assigned and/or expected to be performed during their time off with their vacation request.
  • Vacation time off requests are to be approved by the supervisor prior to the time being taken off.

Sick time:

  • All ASEs shall provide written sick time requests to their supervisor as early as possible. 

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Details on the WSU/UAW contract and implementation are available through WSU Human Resource Services.