Omoto, Neill, Wall, Swearingen, & Gribat at WSU Commencement 2017

Nathalie Wall, associate professor, coauthored four papers with chemistry doctoral candidates: Trevor Omoto, “Stability constant determinations for technetium (IV) complexation with selected amino carboxylate ligands in high nitrate solutions” in Radiochimica Acta; Lindsey Neill, “Various effects of magnetite on ISG glass dissolution: Implication for the long-term durability of nuclear glasses” in Nature Communications; Joelle Reiser and others, “The use of positrons to survey alteration layers on synthetic nuclear waste glasses” in Journal of Nuclear Materials; and Kevin Swearingen and Omoto, “Analysis of organic and high dissolved salt solutions with minimal sample preparation using inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry” on the cover of Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy; and with Larissa Gribat, graduate student, “New rotating disk hematite film electrode for riboflavin detection” in Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry.