Jennifer BarclayJenifer Barclay, assistant professor, critical culture, gender, and race studies, authored “Bad Breeders and Monstrosities: Racializing Childlessness and Congenital Disabilities in Slavery and Freedom” in Slavery & Abolition; and the chapter “Differently Abled: Africanisms, Disability, and Power in the Age of Transatlantic Slavery” in Bioarchaeology of Impairment and Disability: Theoretical, Ethnohistorical, and Methodological Perspectives (Springer). She presented “Mother’s Spots and Monstrosities: Congenital Disabilities and Racial Identity in American Medicine, Law and Folklore” at the Berkshire Conference of Women’s Historians at Hofstra University, New York. Barclay also was named associate editor of Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal, University of Hawaii.