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Donna Potts

Donna L. Potts, professor, English, presented “Too Irish: Representing Ireland and Emigration in Brooklyn” at the American Conference for Irish Studies–western region in Missoula, Mont., where she also moderated a panel on which two graduate students presented papers: Curtis Harty, “Looking for The Man in The Boy: The Failure of Masculine Ideologies and Patriarchal Hierarchies in Patrick McCabe’s The Butcher Boy; and Lissa Scott, “The Nature of the Woods in Sweeney Astray.


Donna Campbell
Alex Hammond

Donna Campbell, professor, English, presented “The Story of an Arm: Jack London’s The Iron Heel and Edith Wharton’s The Fruit of the Tree” and “Jack London’s Last Year: the Unfinished Novel Cherry” at the Jack London Society Symposium in Napa, Calif. She presented “Edith Wharton’s Suspense Theater: Gothic Modernism in the Late Stories” at the American Literature Association Society for the Study of the American Short Story conference in Savannah, Ga., where Alex Hammond, professor emeritus, presented “Reconstructions of Poe’s Tales of the Folio Club since 1928: Approaches and Prospects.” Hammond also presented “Melville’s Images of Poe in 1840s New York: Troubled Genius in the Marketplace” at the American Literature Association conference in San Francisco.


Kristin Arola

Kristin Arola, associate professor, English, was a featured speaker at the Thomas R. Watson Conference on Mobility Work in Composition: Translation, Migration, Transformation at the University of Louisville. Arola and doctoral students Miriam Fernandez and Lucy Johnson presented on “Recollecting and Making” at the Cultural Rhetorics Conference at Michigan State University, in East Lansing, where, graduate students Matt Homer and Edie-Marie Roper also presented.

Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs

Patricia Trish Glazebrook

Patricia “Trish” Glazebrook, professor and director, politics, philosophy, and public affairs, presented “The Hunger Games: A Case-Study of Climate Impacts and Women Farmers’ Adaptations in Ghana” at the Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference, co-sponsored by WSU and the University of Idaho and organized by Michael Goldsby, assistant professor, and Joe Campbell , professor. Glazebrook also was a panelist at the Heidegger and Technology Forum, London School of Economics, and presented at two other conferences: “Letting beings be: Gestell, Gelassenheit and gender” at the Heidegger on Technology Conference, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK; and “Eye in the Sky: A Case Study of Drone Law Adequacy” at the Ethics of Counter-Terrorism conference of the Euro International Society for Military Ethics in Europe at Akerhaus Fortress in Oslo. She also presented two invited addresses: “Climate Impacts and women Farmers’ Adaptation in Ghana” at the University of Bergen, Norway; and “Nihilism, Science, and Global Conquest” at the Summer Institute for Continental Philosophy at Douglas College in New Westminster, BC, Canada.