Welcome to the Ampersand Scavenger Hunt!

Find the QR codes!

Sixteen buildings on the WSU Pullman campus have a unique QR code posted on at least one entrance. Four more have a code located inside. (Hint: look for the ampersand!)  

  • Each unique QR code you scan & complete the quick form earns you a raffle entry.
  • The more buildings you find, the more entries you can earn!

See the map below for the 20 buildings with QR codes.

The College of Arts & Sciences is the heart of WSU Pullman. 

  • 70% of UCORE courses offered. Almost every undergraduate student takes Arts & Sciences courses.  
  • 25% of students are earning an Arts & Sciences degree. With two dozen undergraduate degrees & more than 30 graduate-level degrees connecting everything from art history to data analytics to zoology, there is something for everyone. It’s no surprise that Arts & Sciences alumni also make up around 25% of all WSU alumni.
  • Arts & Sciences supports other degree programs, too. Disciplines such as engineering, agriculture, education, and neuroscience rely on Arts & Sciences courses to provide students with diverse writing skills and a strong, fundamental understanding of math, chemistry, physics, & biology. 

The core and more 

You can find Arts & Sciences faculty, classrooms, and facilities throughout the core of the WSU Pullman campus.   

Downloand the map of the 20 buildings with QR codes.

Read the Ampersand Scavenger Hunt rules for eligibility & prize details.

A map of the WSU Pullman campus with the 20 Arts & Sciences buildings marked in crimson.