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College of Arts and Sciences

Scholarship Application Preview

The information provided on this page is intended to help you prepare for completing the College of Arts & Sciences undergraduate and graduate scholarship applications. By completing the application, you are automatically considered for all college-level and department/school-level scholarships.

We recommend composing responses in a Word document to double check spelling, grammar, and punctuation before saving. Several questions are the same on both the CAS and WSU general scholarship applications and we encourage you to use the same responses for both applications.

Personal Statement Short Answer Questions

The personal statement is an important part of your scholarship application as it is your opportunity to help us get to know you better. Your personal statement should describe in detail (maximum of 110 words per section) some special interest, significant experience or achievement in the following areas as well as what you learned from these experiences.

Your personal statements should describe a special interest, significant experience, or achievement in the following areas, and address what you learned from these experiences.

  1. Leadership/group contributions: Describe examples of your leadership experience and share how you have significantly influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or contributed to group efforts over time. Consider responsibilities you have taken for initiatives in or out of school.
  2. Knowledge or creativity in a field: Describe any of your special interests and how you have developed knowledge in these areas. Give examples of your creativity: the ability to see alternatives; take diverse perspectives; come up with many, varied, or original ideas; or willingness to try new things.
  3. Dealing with adversity: Describe the most significant challenge you have faced and the steps you have taken to address this challenge. Include whether you turned to anyone in facing that challenge, the role that person played, and what you learned about yourself.
  4. Community service: Explain what you have done to make your community a better place to live. Give examples of specific projects in which you have been involved over time.
  5. Handling systemic challenges: Describe your experiences facing or witnessing discrimination. Tell us how you responded and what you learned from those experiences and how they prepared you to contribute to the WSU community.
  6. Goals/task commitment: Articulate the goals you have established for yourself and your efforts to accomplish them. Give at least one specific example that demonstrates your work ethic/diligence.
  7. Finances: How are you financing your education?
  8. Additional considerations: Is there anything else you would like the scholarship committee to consider in the selection process that has not already been addressed? (i.e., significant experiences, philanthropy, unique circumstances, etc.)

Questions 1-6 from the WSU general scholarship application, © OSU Insight Resume

Activities and Career Interests

  1. Describe any current or previous research and/or creative activities you have participated in outside of class-assigned research papers or projects, and what you learned from those activities.
  2. Describe your professional career interests and post-graduation goals, and how scholarship support will help you succeed.
  3. List any awards, honors, and/or scholarships you have received in the past three years.

Important Deadlines

Nov. 30 – FAFSA/WASFA Priority Deadline for Current Students

Jan. 31 – Scholarship Applications due

Jan. 31 – FAFSA/WASFA Priority Deadline for New Students

Additional Opportunities

WSU Outside Scholarships
For all WSU students

WSU Alumni Association Scholarships
For WSU undergraduate students

Washington State Opportunity Scholarships
For low- and middle-income students in certificate, STEM, and healthcare programs

Student Financial Services Private Education Loans
For all WSU students


Lauren Jasmer
CAS Scholarship Coordinator

Academic Area-Specific Short Answer or Essay Questions

The following questions pertain to students in a specific academic area that require thoughtful written responses. If you are certified in a degree program in one or more of the below academic areas, please review the additional information below that is relevant to your academic degrees before preparing your responses.

The questions you will see on the application are based on the academic area(s) you select at the start of the application. Additional academic area-specific questions may populate while you are completing the application, however they are simple yes/no questions. If no upload content information is provided, the response will need to be typed or copied and pasted into a text box.

Comparative Ethnic Studies

  1. To be considered for the community engagement and activism award, describe what social justice is to you and how you work toward social justice.
    Text box, 1500 words max.
  2. To be considered for the outstanding achievement in ethnic studies award, upload a 8–12 page scholarly essay or creative work you previously prepared for a CES course or an academic conference which addresses any main topic in Comparative Ethnic Studies, including but not limited to: inequalities or disparities in race (e.g., education, criminal justice system, health, income, popular culture, etc.), the relationship between race and other social categories (such as gender, sexuality, ability, etc.), or social change related to race, ethnicity, and/or nationality, etc.
    Upload options: Word, PDF; 100MB max. Format guidelines: 12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced.

Criminal Justice & Criminology

To be considered for a service scholarship, please write an essay on your interest in the criminal justice field and your commitment to service (to the department, college, university, and/or community).
Text box, 500 words max.

Earth Sciences (Geology)

  1. If you are interested in the geology profession, describe why it is your ultimate career goal.
    Text box, 150 words max.
  2. If you are interested the study of geological sciences, describe your commitment and enthusiasm.
    Text box, 150 words max.


To be considered for scholarships in the Department of English, you must submit one of the following

  • A group of three to five short poems
  • One long poem
  • A piece of fictional writing
  • A literary essay of 1,000–1,500 words
  • A link to a video of your performance poetry

Upload one document (Word or PDF), 100MB max. Format guidelines: 12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced.

Students interested in poetry or fiction will also need to provide an additional example of their work. Duplicate submissions are not allowed.

Fine Arts

Please upload a single file with samples of your work or provide a link to your online portfolio.

Upload options include Word, PDF, compressed Zip file; 100MB max.

Foreign Languages

  1. Describe why learning a foreign language is important to you.
    Text box, 500 words max.
  2. What is your foreign language GPA?
    Your language GPA is based solely on foreign language courses and is required for consideration for foreign language scholarships.
    » How GPA is calculated can be found at
    » An online calculator is available at


  1. Are you engaged in research and the study of India? If yes, attach a written proposal endorsed by a faculty member who will supervise your project.
    Upload options: Word, PDF; 100MB max. Format guidelines: 12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced.
  2. Are you interested in American history on the local, regional, or national level?
    If you are specifically interested in rural American history, attach a research project proposal on a related topic.
    Upload options: Word, PDF; 100MB max. Format guidelines: 12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced.


Describe how you are creative, entrepreneurial, and use critical thinking skills.
Text box, 150 words max.


Are you in the Cougar Marching Band? If yes, describe what you have learned by being a member of the Cougar Marching Band and why you should receive a scholarship.
Text box, 500 words max.

A separate audition is required for all music scholarships. Please contact the School of Music for details.


Describe your dedication to the field of physics.
Text box, 150 words max.

Political Science, Philosophy, & Public Affairs

Are you interested in a career in public service?
If so, describe your commitment to a career in public service.
Text box, 150 words max.

Remember, you will only see questions related to the degree program(s) and/or professional track(s) that you indicate on the scholarship application.

Good luck, and Go Cougs!

Upload Format

  • 12 point
  • Times New Roman
  • Double-spaced

Remember to proofread before submitting!