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The due date for submissions for the 2015 edition of A.S.K. is June 1st, 2015. Late submissions may be accepted. If you would like to submit or have any questions or concerns, please email

The application form is available here (Adobe Reader recommended).

Guidelines for Submission:

A.S.K. is an online journal published by the WSU College of Arts and Sciences, which highlights faculty-mentored projects by the college’s undergraduates. Not all submissions will be selected for publication. The selection will be done by the Editor and an Editorial Board, and will be supervised by the Associate Deans serving as faculty advisors for the journal.

As an interdisciplinary journal, A.S.K. respects the discipline-specific stylistic demands of all programs, so please follow the guidelines within your area of discipline when preparing materials for submission.

Copyright of work submitted is retained by the authors. Please, make sure that you have copyright permission to any graphics or media included in your submission. You may choose to use active links to the media’s website to avoid copyright issues.


1. Submit the attached Application Form, including contact information, faculty endorsement, and research background as an attachment to

a. If your article/report is selected, we will require you to submit a short biographical statement and photograph of yourself.
b. For articles/reports with multiple authors, each must submit a separate application form. If the submission is accepted for publication, each author must provide a short biographical statement and photo.

2. For articles/reports:

a. Please submit two files: one in DOC format and one in PDF format to allow for editing. All text submissions appearing online will be converted to PDF files before publication for protection.
b. There are no length requirements or limitations, but submissions are expected to represent common standards for scholarly essays, journal reports, or reports in your field.

3. For media: Depending on the project and the size of the file, you may submit it as an attachment, as a DVD (sent in the format specified below), or as a link to an online video hosting website, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Please consult with the editors prior to submitting to decide on the best format in which to submit your work. Both media representations of creative projects as well as performances that have been mentored by faculty members are welcome.

a. DVD format specs: MPEG-4 or MOV files are recommended. Burn to DVD as a Data File only, not as a playable DVD.
b. For picture images, please ensure that they are in JPEG format with a resolution of 300 dpi.