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College of Arts and Sciences

Culture, Language, Gender, and Race

The current undergraduate degrees in comparative ethnic studies and women’s studies offered by CCGRS are important parts of WSU’s academic portfolio, and we fully expect them to remain available in the future.

The college and the University are committed to enriching cultural understanding, promoting the value of tolerance, and respecting diversity throughout the world that is touched by WSU education, scholarship, and outreach.

Realignment discussions are in the early stages and are centered on maintaining the quality of the degrees offered by CCGRS and supporting the faculty and students.

Why Realign?

The discussion regarding the change was initiated by CCGRS faculty with a request for faculty groups within the department to be redistributed into different academic units.

Faculty groups within CCGRS have proposed realignments with other units, which they believe have the potential to improve educational and scholarship opportunities for both faculty and students, as well as offering improved administrative functionality and efficiency.

An interdisciplinary committee has been brought together to guide the process and assess all proposals.

A proposal on the table would create a new academic unit centered around the study of culture, language, and diversity across place and time.

Gathering Input

The college and the committee collected input from WSU students, faculty, staff, and others interested in the important roles CCGRS plays in the University community.



Realignment Planning Committee

Larry Hufford, chair
Mary Bloodsworth-Lugo
Joshua Bonzo
Ana Chow
Andrew Duff
JT Hughes
Rich King
Ana Maria Rodriguez-Vivaldi

Women’s Studies Subcommittee

Todd Butler
Linda Heidenreich
Steve Kale
Marian Sciachitano
Pam Thoma
Amy Wharton

Washington State University