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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences

Student Resources Overview

Welcome, Students!

We’re glad you are a member of the College of Arts and Sciences and we look forward to helping you succeed in your time at WSU. Links to many of the opportunities and resources available to you are included below and in the main navigation for this section.

Question about CAS programs or academics?

Send an email to
Anna Chow, Director of Advising

New Coug Orientation for Incoming Students

You’ll have two opportunities during orientation to learn and make decisions about which courses to take your first semester.


The pre-advising session is designed to help you prepare for your one-on-one academic advising and registration session.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Physical and Life Sciences

If you need accommodation to access any of these documents, please send an email to

Learn more about our degrees

Our academic fact sheets provide a general overview of the strengths of each program. Links to specific four-year course planning information are included.

Additional Resources to Help You Succeed

Choosing Your UCORE Courses

The University Core Requirements (UCORE) are a diverse set of requirements that complement the more focused requirements associated with a student’s selected degree or major.

UCORE courses are opportunities to expand your education by exploring interests outside your major, developing important transferable skills (e.g., critical and creative thinking, communication, information literacy), and preparing you for citizenship in a free society.

You have considerable flexibility in the courses you choose for each UCORE requirement.

You can learn more about the UCORE requirements here.

Writing Portfolio Requirement

All CAS students are required to complete their writing portfolio after completing 60 WSU credits.

You can learn more about this requirement here.

Petition for exceptions to the Major, College, and University Requirements

Exceptions to Major, College, and University Requirements can submitted through a petition process for review.

Petition for Major Requirements

Major requirements are set by CAS departments. Students should work with their academic advisors to discuss any exceptions to major requirements.

Petition for College of Arts and Sciences Requirements

All College of Arts and Sciences students must complete the following graduation requirements:

  • Foreign language: complete two year of high school or one year of college-level foreign language (includes ASL and NAL) in the same language.
  • Additional 3 semester credits of [SSCI], [HUM], or [ARTS]
  • Additional 1 lab credit of [BSCI] or [PSCI] for a total of 8 semester credit (2 labs)

Students should discuss their unique situations with academic advisors to determine if a petition to the above requirements is appropriate. A copy of CAS petitions can be found here: CAS Requirements petition, expedited foreign language petition (for students over 25), expedited lab waiver (for students with 10 credits of UCORE sciences and one lab)

Petition for University Requirements

Students with extraordinary circumstances might need to petition for substitutions or waivers of Graduation or UCORE requirements. Graduation requirements include: 2.0 cumulative GPA, 40 upper level credits, and 120 total credits or request substitution courses for UCORE requirements. Students should initial this petition process with their academic advisor. A copy of the University Requirement Petition can be found here.