Faith Lutze

Ana María I will always be grateful that our paths crossed. Your energy is inspiring, and how your intellectual curiosity translates into action brings meaning to the world. Enjoy every moment of your retirement. Your legacy is far from being written quite yet. I look forward to hearing about what is yet to come. Faith […]

Pat Carter

Dear Ana Maria, I have truly enjoyed working with you over the years. Perhaps more than that, I have treasured our conversations about families and cultures, and I will never forget that you are the only non-Jew on campus who wishes me L’Shana Tova every Rosh Hashana! Enjoy your retirement without any guilt!!! xxoo Pat […]


Mama, Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement! You’ve tirelessly kicked butt for 30 years and in that time you have helped your department flourish, started a life-changing program with Hearts in Motion, aided the success of thousands of students, propelled the arts at WSU, and countless other feats. All while juggling 3 kids! You’re the best […]

Tammy Barry

Dear Ana Maria, Congratulations on your retirement after 30 years of incredible–and energetic (!!!)–service to WSU. You have always been a wonderful colleague to have in CAS, and I have especially enjoyed getting to work with you through the Associate Dean’s council this past year. Your strong voice of wisdom in those meetings will be […]

Joan Grenier-Winther

Best wishes for your retirement All our sincere best wishes to you on your retirement. I will always remember your kindness when I came for my interview, and we talked not all about work, but about kids! Doug and I wish you and Gustavo a happy and healthy retirement. Fondly, Joan Grenier-Winther Languages, Cultures & […]

Adrian Aumen

Appreciating you! Thank you, Ana María, for being a wonderful colleague! It’s been a true pleasure to work with you! Your positive energy brightened many days and your compassion and generous efforts brightened many lives. We’ll miss your expertise and enthusiasm, but wish you countless happy adventures ahead! Felicidades~ Adrian Aumen CAS Communications