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NIH Grant Scam

NIH has recently posted the following notice:

We’ve recently received an uptick of phone calls and emails from members of the public who received an unexpected call that they won a grant from NIH to pay for student loans, or as an award. This is a scam. No federal government grant-making agency will make phone calls or send emails or letters to solicit money or personal banking information from a potential grant recipient.

While we know that you in the research community know that it requires an application to receive a grant, we feel it is very important to spread the word on how to identify these scams, … » More …

Check for Fit, Before You Submit!

NIH loves innovative research. But it is not an unconditional love. Your proposed research needs to fall within the mission of NIH and at least one participating organization listed on the funding opportunity announcement to which you are applying. Otherwise, your application can’t be assigned for review or funding consideration.

This is especially important to remember when applying to one of NIH’s “parent announcements”. Parent announcements allow NIH to accept applications on a broad range of research topics. However, not all NIH institutes participate on all parent announcements. For example, our Parent R01 announcement currently lists 23 participating organizations, while our Parent … » More …

FORMS-C In the Rear View Mirror

Phew! We’ve just about made it through our forms update. FORMS-C is in the rearview mirror, but not quite out of sight yet.

We need to leave our FORMS-C resources around for a few more weeks as folks finish up their administrative supplement, successor-in-interest, and change of institution requests (NOT-OD-16-068). So, please be careful to select the correct resources until we can remove all the old FORMS-C stuff from view.

We still have some announcements with due dates more than 60 days in the future that need FORMS-D packages, but the list of FOAs that need to be actioned are now measured in tens … » More …