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CAS Grant and Fellowship Support Getting Started

The Extramural FELLOWSHIP Process

Stage 1: Finding Opportunities

Review CAS Policy *

Read the College of Arts and Sciences fellowship policy to confirm your eligibilty.

Identify Your Goals

Write a 1-2 page concept paper for a general audience that explains your project and your goals.

Identify Key Words

Separately list  5-10 keywords associated with your discipline, specialty area, or project.

Personalized Search

Email your concept paper and key words list to and request a personalized fellowship search.

Stage 2: Drafting Your Proposal

Gather Information *

Read the application materials thoroughly. Make note of the review criteria, required documents, and submission deadline.

Face-to-Face Meeting *

Schedule a meeting with your academic chair/director and the Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education to discuss your plans and review financial and teaching implications.

Create a Draft Proposal *

As you write your proposal, keep the sponsor’s goals in mind. How does your project specifically connect to the fellowship and its stated objectives?

Ask for Feedback

Arrange for an internal review by colleagues, mentors, and/or the GFS team.

(GFS requests must be made at least 10 days prior to the application due date.)

Stage 3: Formal Application

Contact the GFS team *

[At least one month prior to the submission deadline,] contact the GFS team to review the application requirements and arrange assistance with document upload as needed.

Contact your Department Administrator

At least one month in advance of the submission deadline for any grant or fellowship application, contact your department administrator to ensure proper coordination of your application.

Finalize Your Proposal *

Collate, proofread, and double check you have included any additional required documentation (e.g. current and pending funding, budget justification, letters of support, and/or your CV).

Complete the WSU eREX form *

This internal request-for-approval form must be submitted to OGRD at least two business days prior to the grant submission date and must include final versions of all proposal documents.

Final Submission *

Some fellowship sponsors prefer individuals submit their proposals directly and other sponsors require the institution to submit on behalf of the individual.  The GFS team will provide guidance as needed.

* Required step