Frances K. McSweeney
Fran McSweeney

During her 42 years on the faculty at Washington State University, Frances K. “Fran” McSweeney has demonstrated great personal and professional commitment to the WSU community and has profoundly influenced the university’s direction and progress.

She was honored with the President’s Award for Distinguished Lifetime Service at the Showcase Celebrating Excellence Banquet Friday night.

From assistant professor of psychology in 1974, McSweeney rose through the ranks to serve as an Edward R. Meyer Distinguished Professor, chair of the Department of Psychology for two terms, president of the Association for Faculty Women, chair of the Faculty Senate and chair or co-chair of many essential committees university-wide. She was named vice provost for faculty affairs in 2003 and Regents professor of psychology in 2004.

She has been an inspirational teacher of hundreds of students in a variety of courses in psychology and has trained 15 doctoral and 20 master’s degree students in the field.

At the same time, she has advanced knowledge within her discipline while elevating the university’s profile and impact by maintaining a robust research agenda. She has published more than 100 articles in a broad range of leading journals, served on several editorial boards and held a variety of offices in professional organizations.

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