Some WSU Tri-Cities students are participating in a local interventional art project aimed at exploring the ease, power, and impact of misinformation or fake news.

Peter Christenson

Peter Christenson, assistant professor of fine arts at Washington State University Tri-Cities, invited students in his Information Structures class to participate in the project of creating and distributing parody news via the Twitter account @nullsetnews.

The project is run through Null Set, a local art collaborative that has taken on several different projects in the last few years, including publishing a magazine. Christenson is the catalyst behind Null Set and curates the fake news posts.

“We’re sending a message that says, ‘Be careful what you read. Make sure you do your research before you share it with others,’” said Daria Naidenov, a WSU student and project contributor.

The public is also encouraged to participate by tweeting to @nullsetnews or using the hashtag #nullsetnews.

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