Amy Nusbaum.Amy Nusbaum learned from a recent study that a significant amount of college students don’t get enough to eat, so she decided to set up a mini food bank.

“This is a thing I can do right now that’ll help the students right now. And it doesn’t need to be like a huge thing, it’s a mailbox outside of my office, that for most of the last few months I’ve just been buying stuff as it runs out,” said Nusbaum, a doctoral candidate in psychology.

She started to run out of food, but before she made another order to Amazon, she wanted to give others an opportunity to contribute as well.

“You know, I interact with a lot of people on social media who are interested in these things and maybe don’t know how to help — and the cougar community is so incredible,” she said.

She posted on social media with a link to her Amazon wish list, asking people to donate to the food bank. She was overwhelmed by the response.

Just a few days later, Nusbaum came home to about 20 Amazon boxes on her doorstep.

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