Clif Stratton.

Washington State University history professor Clif Stratton has been named the new director of the University Common Requirements Program, known as UCORE, announced Mary F. Wack, vice provost for undergraduate education.

Stratton will continue to teach in history’s Roots of Contemporary Issues program, for which he served as assistant director for five years. Roots is a one-course, first-year-experience cornerstone of the UCORE curriculum. Stratton also teaches history and Honors College courses on race and modern U.S. history.

“It’s a great honor to lead UCORE,” Stratton said. “It is central to the mission of the university. It touches virtually every student on every campus, regardless of their major, from their first-year through capstone courses.

“UCORE meets students’ academic needs by advancing knowledge, understanding, and skill development. It helps them make connections across disciplines. In many ways, UCORE provides a foundation for today’s students to become lifelong learners equipped to analyze, communicate, and solve tomorrow’s problems.”

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