The Fallen Cougars Project sheds light on former students who died in battle

The Washington State College students who would go on to fight in World War II were very much like the Washington State University students of today.
But when it was their turn to serve their country, they were called upon to perform extraordinary acts of heroism and sacrifice.

Samantha Edgerton.

That was one of the major takeaways Washington State University graduate student in history Samantha Edgerton said she found after completing extensive research into the lives of Cougars who fought and died in the war.

She spent months delving into the soldiers’ letters to loved ones, newspaper clippings, school yearbooks and other documents to create a digital archive of biographies on 20 servicemembers.

The archive represents the beginning of The Fallen Cougars Project, an effort started by Edgerton’s adviser Ray Sun, a WSU associate professor of history.

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