Tom Preston.

Tom Preston, a professor of political science at WSU and currently teaching at the Ovidius University in Constanţa, a city on the Romanian coast of the Black Sea, has composed a “Lockdown, Breakdown, Quarantine Blues.”

“Tom Preston, a professor of political science and Fulbright grantee at Ovidius, chose not to return home and stayed in Constanţa. Between his teaching and research activities, he spends some of his time performing. Here is one of his works, about the situation we are all going through,” Mihai Gîrţu, the prorector of Ovidius University, wrote, quoted by daily Adevarul.

Thomas Preston is a specialist in security policy, foreign affairs, and political psychology, according to his resume available on the website of Washington State University, his home university. He is a C.O. Johnson Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Washington State University.

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