Washington State University Tri-Cities graduate student Aaron Pelly made the decision to donate his relief check to support those in the process of or who are hoping to renew their participation in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA).

Fiveyoung women hold a Mexican flag and colorful drape.
Members of the WSU Tri-Cities Dreamers Club.

When considering what to do with his relief funding, he saw an email that detailed resources for and ways to support DACA students amid this unprecedented time from the WSU Tri-Cities Dreamers Club. Pelly, who is earning his master’s degree in environmental studies, decided that his money would be best spent supporting students that may not have resources to help them continue their studies or maintain their legal status.

“I am in a position where I could do this – provide support for students that otherwise might not have the resources to be able to eat, pay rent and renew for the DACA program,” Pelly said. “My wife and I have a stable income. We wanted to use these funds to help support individuals who are really struggling. There are many who have lost their jobs and have nowhere else to turn. Many may not have the resources to afford renewing their DACA application amid the pandemic.”

With Pelly’s donation, a new fund was set up to support the application fees for DACA students, which cost an average of $500 per application.

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