Tackling some of the world’s most pressing issues – from energy supply to mass migration and public health – is at the heart of an acclaimed new book series written and edited by history faculty at Washington State University.

Clif Stratton.
Jesse Spohnholz.

The books represent years of scholarly research by Associate Professor Clif Stratton, Professor Jesse Spohnholz and former Postdoctoral Instructor Sean Wempe, now an assistant professor at California State University, Bakersfield. They reflect the thematic structure and successful teaching approach of the Roots of Contemporary Issues program (RCI) and introduce WSU’s pioneering teaching approach to educators and students elsewhere.

“We designed the books after years of learning how to engage with WSU students who are eager to learn about how the world developed the way it has,” said Spohnholz, RCI director. “They understand that learning our world’s past empowers them to shape its future.”

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