Four of the nation’s leading experts on constitutional democracy will discuss current crises in the U.S. and abroad in a series of free, online events beginning Wednesday, Feb. 16.

The noon-hour events are hosted by the Thomas S. Foley Institute for Public and Public Service at Washington State University, whose mission is to educate the public about American government and democratic institutions, encourage public service and to promote scholarly research on public policy and political institutions.

Cornell Clayton.

“In recent years hyper-partisanship and polarization has severely tested America’s constitutional structures and democratic norms. In the past year alone, we witnessed two impeachments of a sitting president and an insurrection that desecrated the nation’s Capitol,” said Cornell Clayton, C.O. Johnson distinguished professor of political science and director of the Foley Institute. “We are living in a time of almost unparalleled threat to democratic governance here and elsewhere in the world.”

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