Shock, horror, shame, disgust, sadness, inspiration, appreciation…

Thabiti Lewis.

Thabiti Lewis’ essay on the 1921 Tulsa Massacre elicits a gamut of emotions throughout its 3,500 gripping words. The WSU Vancouver professor of English and associate vice chancellor for academic affairs co-authored the piece on an overlooked series of historic tragedies that he hopes can help spur change 100 years later.

“The story is sad, but I was also very much inspired by the resilience and fearlessness of the people (in Greenwood),” said Lewis. “Hopefully we’re all embarrassed and outraged. We also see that people let this happen. It’s important that we produce things like (this article) to let people know this history; to turn toward truth.”

Lewis said he felt it was important to shed light on Tulsa’s history, to start conversations and dialogue that can lead to real change in Oklahoma and throughout the country.

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