Mahogany Browne.

Mahogany Browne dropped out of high school after she was told not to write poetry during an English honors class.

Browne will speak as part of the Washington State University Visiting Writers Series hosted by the Department of English at 6 p.m. Wednesday via YouTube Live. Browne said in an email that she will discuss how to recognize one’s rage as a useful tool “to get free” during her scheduled talk.

“I feel like there are so many ways we can show up and engage,” Browne wrote. “My art is communal, and therefore, everything I do is intentional in our fight for true liberation. … I’ve used my platform to speak to those that may not have the articulation or understanding of how we all are affected by injustice. I practice solidarity and look forward to continuing the efforts of groups that are responding to the lack of food and food quality for neighborhoods, policy, as well as educational symposiums to challenge the antiquated curricula plaguing our young people.”

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