After recent sightings of coyotes on Pullman’s College Hill, the Pullman Police Department advised that it does not believe these animals pose a threat to the community.

Daniel Thornton.

Daniel Thornton, assistant professor in Washington State University’s School of the Environment, offered similar advice. He said yelling or clapping one’s hands can drive away unwanted coyotes.

He said they are not particularly dangerous to people as they are small and generally afraid of humans. The chances of being attacked by a coyote are “quite small,” he said.

“I think there is a lot of fear about coyotes that is probably misplaced,” he said.

Coyotes are primarily nocturnal animals but can be active during the day. Thornton said coyotes will come into populated areas because they are an adaptable species that can eat many types of food and deal well with human environments.

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