Realistic 3D printed heart components and a tool that can rapidly grow cancer-fighting T cells are among the projects being supported by a group of passionate Washington State University graduates.

While initially agreeing to fund at least half of the projects, the Palouse Club members opted to support all six projects presented to them during Cougar Cage last month. Their total support for the first round of projects totals nearly $300,000.

Fighting hearing loss:

WSU Vancouver’s Allison Coffin and John Harkness will use machine learning to develop a predictive tool to combat drug-induced hearing loss. The approach is similar to processes used to predict drug toxicity for other organs like the heart and liver.

Bear research to benefit humans:

Joanna Kelley.

Joanna Kelley, an associate professor within the School of Biological Sciences, is working to advance researchers’ understanding of obesity and its metabolic complications by looking to bears. Specifically, Kelley will study hibernating grizzly bears to better understand their naturally reversible obesity and insulin resistance and how it might apply to humans.

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