The woman at the edge of the black and white photo looks overwhelmed, but the seven young children clustered near her are beaming.

Lipi Turner-Rahman.

They are among the people and places that inspire Lipi Turner-Rahman, a history instructor and manager of the Kimble Digitization Center at WSU Libraries. She needs the help of the people in the photos and those who knew them. She wants to know who they are and more about the moment when Nash stood nearby and pressed the camera’s shutter button.

“I’m really interested in the storytelling. If they remember this is me, and I remember that day, and we were doing this. This is my life story. This is how I came to be in this photo,” Turner-Rahman said.

Students hired with a grant and donations have already digitized 6,271 of the images and work to add a few hundred more every week. They hope to have all of them uploaded by the end of June, if not sooner, so the collection becomes an accessible resource for everyone. Efforts to make it a more complete collection by identifying people and providing context for the photos will continue.

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