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Four win annual WSU awards for student advising

Doug Juneau, academic advisor for the Department of Sociology, is among four WSU academic advisors who received “Outstanding Achievement in Academic Advising” awards from the local WSU Academic Advising Association (ACADA).

Doug JuneauJuneau, who is also the academic technology coordinator in the CAS dean’s office, was recognized for his outstanding work in “primary advising.”

Together the four award winners advise more than 900 undergraduates each year.

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Eastern promise: gender lessons from the Islamic world

Many predominantly Muslim countries boast an enviably high proportion of female engineers. Not only are women participating in STEM subjects in much higher numbers than in the West, they are also excelling. But what are the factors drawing them in and, conversely, driving their Western counterparts away?

Julie Kmec

According to Julie Kmec, WSU distinguished professor of sociology and co-leader of a new $530,000 study of what motivates women to study engineering, a variety of interlocking socio-political elements are at play.

“We have this sort of ‘be happy, follow your dreams’ mentality, coupled with a macro-cultural value system… a system of gender centralism, which essentially is this notion that men are good at this, and women are good at something different,” Kmec said.

“In developing countries, the economy does not necessarily allow people to have a choice. In Pakistan, for example, there are limited roads and bridges, and they get washed out every time there’s a storm. And so the infrastructure of countries that are developing… means people go to study what’s important for their country.”

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UC College of Arts and Sciences Announces Alumni Award Winners

Ciera Graham

A WSU alumna and rising-star in higher education student services, Ciera Graham will be honored at the University of Cincinnati during the UC College of Arts and Sciences’ annual alumni recognition event Oct. 20.

Graham earned her PhD in sociology at UC in 2015. She earned her undergraduate degree in sociology and master’s degree in psychology at WSU, where she now works as the associate director of student services and Title IX coordinator.

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UC News 9/28/16

UC News 10/5/16

The Centrality of Dual Career for Recruiting Women

Dual-career programs have become widely seen as vital in faculty recruiting. To get one half of a faculty couple, a college needs to offer a good opportunity to the spouse, the theory goes. Colleges do this in a variety of ways, sometimes going so far as to authorize new lines in some departments so that both halves of a couple have a reason to move. But other institutions do relatively little to help.

Julie Kmec
Julie Kmec

Julie Kmec, a professor of sociology at Washington State University, and Hong Zhang, a doctoral student there, used survey data from faculty couples at seven universities to examine dual-career issues in academe. » More …

Researchers named to Washington State Academy of Sciences

A distinguished professor in the Department of Sociology is among four WSU faculty named to the Washington State Academy of Sciences (WSAS) today. New members are accepted in recognition of their outstanding record of scientific achievement and willingness to work on behalf of the academy in bringing the best available science to bear on issues within the state of Washington.

Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson
Monica Johnson

Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson, professor of sociology and Honors College distinguished professor, studies work, family and education across the life course, with a particular focus on well-being and achievement in adolescence and the transition to adulthood.

The newest members of WSAS will be inducted during the ninth annual meeting at the Seattle Museum of Flight on Sept. 15.

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