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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences Black Arts Movement

BAM! Documenting creativity, action, and art in the 1960s

Three Queens, 1971, Wadsworth Aikens JarrelThe Black Arts Movement of Chicago is the subject of a documentary by two WSU Vancouver associate professors of English, Thabiti Lewis and Pavithra Narayanan. The 50-minute film took four years to make. It’s quick-cut style keeps viewers riveted and hungry to learn more about a period of American history that birthed a rich aesthetic based on Black American experience. » More …

Film documents Chicago’s Black Arts Movement

The Wall of Respect, mural, Chicago, Il.Two WSU Vancouver professors have chronicled one of America’s preeminent artistic and cultural movements in a new film. “BAM! Chicago’s Black Arts Movement” introduces viewers to more than a dozen writers, artists, musicians and community organizers who were instrumental in the campaign centered on black pride and aesthetic. People like poet Eugene Redmond, musician » More …