Laurie Heustis

Northwest Division Academic Advisor

Laurie Heustis conducts all undergraduate advising for undergraduate degrees in the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures and she is back-up advisor for the Department of English.

Normal hours are 8:00–11:30 and 1:30–4:30 to assist with educational concerns.

To Make an Appointment

Please use to schedule an appointment online or call the Daggy Advising Center at 509-335-8731

About Laurie

For Laurie Heustis, growing up in Potlatch, Idaho, has forged a deep love of the area as well as her love for WSU, having been with the University since 1976. Laurie graduated from Potlatch High School in 1975, and her first job was as a custodian. Through gaining experience and education, her journey has led to her present position as an academic coordinator senior in the College of Arts and Sciences as an undergraduate studies advisor for the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures and the Department of Philosophy. Laurie is currently working towards her B.A. degree in general humanities here at WSU, with an emphasis in music and foreign languages.

Laurie notes that, “Being a professional advisor is NOT just about advising. It’s many things: First of all, an advisor has to know a great deal about WSU, its academic departments and offices, and the academic policies and rules. It’s a matter of coordinating and providing information, meeting many young people and knowing that whenever you do meet with them, you’ve made some kind of impression—hopefully a high-quality one, even though it may not have been one of your best days! Growing as a professional in your unique field and being a part of the WSU community is important, too.”

When not in the office, Laurie’s family helps keep her grounded, strengthened, and inspired. Laurie and her husband have five children and two grandchildren. As if that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she and her family participate in professional timbersports competitions, and Laurie plays the guitar, banjo, and vocals with a local country band, Junction 95.

Laurie’s professional memberships include:

  • NACADA (National Academic Advising Association)
  • WSUACADA (WSU Academic Advising Association)
  • CAS (College of Arts and Sciences) Advising Advisory Council
  • Plateau Center for American Indian Studies, affiliate
  • FileMaker Pro Developer Association
  • RMMLA (Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association)
  • ALA (American Lumberjack Association)
  • CANLOG (Canadian Logger Sports Association)

What Laurie’s Advisees Say

  • “Laurie is very personable and she legitimately cares about my academic progress. I feel like my college experience is enhanced because of professionals like her at this university.”
  • “Laurie is always helpful! It’s great how involved she is in my college career. Provides great advice and informs me of opportunities she thinks will be helpful to me. Much more personal than advisors I’ve had in the past.”
  • “Laurie Heustis is a great advisor! I was always scared of my high school advisors, but Laurie really helped me feel welcome at college. Thank you so much for all of your help!”

Contact Laurie Heustis

Laurie Heustis

Northwest Division
College of Arts and Sciences
Daggy Hall 213
PO Box 642421
Pullman, WA 99164-2421

Tel: 509-335-4136
Fax: 509-335-3708