Sisouvanh (Sis) Keopanapay

Academic Advisor

Sisouvanh Keopanapay conducts undergraduate advising for the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology. Please stop by during the posted office hours.

About Sisouvanh

“My life has always been somewhat rather polarizing. I was born on the other side of the world in Laos, but made my home here in America. I was raised Buddhist, but graduated from a private Catholic school (Seattle University). You get the picture. When I hear or see the phrase ‘biological clock,’ my thoughts immediately spring to food and how lovely dinnertime is at home! I love, love, love food. As with many working mothers, my joy and challenge rest with my two girls and how best to raise them. I have come to the conclusion that life provides many detours and oftentimes there are no flashing lights or bright orange cones to warn you of which choice to make or what the future holds, but, wherever you are, as long as you have a passion for life, a sense of humor, and a wonderful support network—you’ll be just fine!”

What Sisouvanh’s advisees say

  • She’s got “mad skills.”
  • “Is knowledgeable; cares; positive; organized; fair.”
  • “Like her style of advising, good balance of knowledge and energy.”

Contact Sisouvanh Keopanapay

Sisouvanh Keopanapay

Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology
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