Director and Professor of Data Analytics Narianjana (Jan) Dasgupta has been awarded the 2023 Yang Liu Award for Excellence in Teaching International Students.

Dasgupta is the Boeing Distinguished Professor of Science and Mathematics and professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. She also directs the Data Analytics program.

Nominator Zhiyuan (Freeman) Chen wrote, “Professor Jan is an exceptional teacher who goes above and beyond to support and engage international students in their learning.

Jan Dasgupta

“As a volunteer in four data camps led by Professor Nairanjana Dasgupta, I witnessed her deep understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusivity in teaching. …Through these camps, Professor Jan demonstrated a solid commitment to creating a welcoming environment that encourages students from diverse backgrounds to participate and engage.”

In receiving the honor, Dasgupta said, “I was an international student myself and I can relate to how strange it can be to learn, even the basics, in a different cultural environment. When I came here years ago, I remember I was bewildered, confused, and everything seemed different. I received a lot of “kindness from strangers” and my professors as I settled in. My aim is to pay that forward with my international students. My everyday life mantra is what I call “K4,” i.e. “candor, kindness and confidence and candy.” I am very open and candid with my students and strive to instill confidence in them. I try to always be kind, and if all fails, my students know I always have candy with me.”

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