Collin Scott had to look twice. Scott had just hopped on his bike, riding away from Gesa Field, the site of Washington State’s home matchup with Northern Colorado, when he noticed something: two girls, laughing as they held up a 13×9 poster, which showed an illustration of a Cougar and a Bear, the two mascots squaring off that afternoon in September.

It was Scott’s poster. Not even 24 hours prior, he had designed the thing himself.

“I was like, ‘Oh, this is pretty cool,’ ” Scott said. “They were smiling, like dang, we found it.”

Scott, a junior majoring in art at Washington State, doesn’t always get to see the people who find the printouts of the posters he designs – but he feels fulfilled either way. An intern in WSU’s creative media department, Scott uses an app called Procreate on his iPad to illustrate a poster for the Cougars’ home games, which gets printed out then hidden somewhere around campus a few hours before the game for one lucky person to find.

The spot can be anywhere around campus, like the Cougar statue or The Coug, but to get to that stage, Scott has to design the poster first.

A few hours before each home game, WSU director of creative media Dallas Hobbs (’21 DTC) and his team do the same routine: Airdrop the poster from Scott’s iPad to Hobbs’ iPad, which connects to a printer in their office. Out comes the finished project, which they take to some place around campus. Then Hobbs snaps a picture of the poster – showing enough context around the location to give hints, but not enough to make it obvious.

Then Hobbs posts the picture on the WSU football Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, asking readers to post a picture of the poster if they find it.

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