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WSU Arts and Sciences Alumni


Cancelled: Bellevue CAS Alumni and Friends Reception with CougsFirst!

We are sorry to announce that our event has been cancelled due to the ongoing spread of Covid-19. We hope to see you next time we are in the Seattle area.

If you have questions or would like more information on these events please call 509-335-3965 or email

The College of Arts and Sciences re-formed in July 2012 to revive the synergies of all the programs and position WSU to continue building on its world class research reputation through collaboration.

Our over 55,000 alumni should be very proud of their college:

  • Provide more than half of all classroom instruction for ALL WSU students
  • 1/3 of the degrees earned each year are in your college
  • A-Z of majors making it possible for students to receive their best education for them from over 700 skilled faculty
  • CAS researchers partner with individuals, industry, and national and private funding agencies to find innovative solutions to today’s complex local and global problems
  • The #1 grant generator at WSU, Dr. Yogendra Gupta and the Institute of Shock Physics is in your college
  • Marching Band is in your college, yes, Marching Band!

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