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Studying pathogen spread in live animal trade

Closeup of hands holding a pet iguana. In the wake of a pandemic with ties to the wildlife trade, a research team from WSU and four other universities received a $2.75 million grant to study how biological, social, and economic factors influence the pathogen spread through animal trade networks.

“The global wildlife trade is a major pathway for the spread of diseases that affect both humans and » More …

Eight proteins regulate insulin in hibernating bears

A giant grizzly bear walking past some logs in a grassy field.Feeding honey to hibernating bears helped Washington State University researchers find the potential genetic keys to the bears’ insulin control, an advance that could ultimately lead to a treatment for human diabetes.

Every year, bears gain an enormous amount of weight, then barely move for months, behavior that would » More …

Methane emissions from reservoirs are increasing

A dam with turbulent water emerging from its turbines.Over time, the water collected behind dams will release greater amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas with even worse effects than carbon dioxide, according to a recent study by researchers at WSU and the University of Quebec.

“On a per mass basis, methane has a much stronger impact on climate than carbon dioxide does,” said John Harrison, » More …

Artist takes to the sky

Mark Showalter stands in front of his Cessna. On the Saturday before the start of fall semester this year, alumnus Mark Showalter (’84 fine arts) charted a course for crimson and gray glory.

That’s the day the Tri-Cities business owner and devoted Coug took off in his Cessna and flew a route in the shape of WSU’s cougar head logo over the Palouse.

» More …

Unique imaging instrument expands WSU capabilities

Two people look into an imaging source on a 20-foot-long machine.An X‑ray beamline with a first-of-its-kind imaging source is being installed at Washington State University’s Dodgen Research Facility. The instrument, valued at over $1 million, will allow researchers to study a range of materials at nano- and atomic-scales.

“It’s a very versatile instrument,” said Liane Moreau, a WSU assistant professor of chemistry. “It’s the only one currently in the United States that…allows us to take images and get data from a specific spot on a sample and correlate it to » More …

Global Campus: 30 years of opportunity

A student works on a computer outside.In 1992, Washington State University extended its land-grant mission by launching one of the nation’s first opportunities for students to pursue a degree from anywhere on the globe through distance delivery.

Today, our Global Campus is the second largest campus by enrollment in the WSU system with more than 4,000 students enrolled in one of 21 undergraduate majors, 13 graduate programs, or more than » More …

Mentoring focus to advance faculty diversity

Jennifer Thigpen.As the new director of Washington State University’s ADVANCE program, Jennifer Thigpen wants to help provide female and other under-represented faculty members the guidance and mentorship she felt she missed early on in her career.

“The opportunity to make the process smoother for others is one of the reasons why I am passionate about the work of the ADVANCE program,” said Thigpen, an associate professor in » More …

Q&A on gender equality

Closeup of women putting their fists together in a circle.August 26 has been observed as Women’s Equality Day in the United States for nearly 50 years, but equality is still a distant goal, says Amy Mazur, the Johnson Distinguished Professor in political science at WSU Pullman and a global expert on gender equality who has consulted with the World Bank, the European Union, and most recently, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). » More …