Thank you for your continued support of the Department of History.

Your contribution to this unrestricted fund plays a pivotal role in empowering our department to excel in academic pursuits, foster innovation, and provide unparalleled opportunities for our students, faculty, and staff. With your support, we can continue to make a lasting impact on education, research, and the overall experience of everyone within our community.

Thank you once again for your belief in our mission and for being an essential part of our journey towards excellence. Below are just a few examples of the work our excellence fund accomplished last year. We look forward to keeping you informed about the positive outcomes and achievements that your generosity helps us realize.

With sincere appreciation, GO COUGS!

  • Each year we use these funds to support the undergraduate History Club. Students organize historical movie nights, trivia events, and they bring in guest speakers to talk about issues that interest them.
  • Last year we remodeled an old, underused room in the department, transforming it into a new student lounge. We envision it as a comfortable place for our student to relax, study, and meet together.
  • Our graduate students are working on innovative and cutting-edge master’s theses and doctoral dissertations. Your contributions helped them do research in archives from Washington, DC to Nigeria to India to England to British Columbia.
  • As the job market continues to rapidly change, we sponsored an event last year for students in which they heard from and met professionals who have used their history degrees to achieve success in many different fields from teaching, to museums, to working for the National Parks.