Key Policies and Procedures

Maximize your effort and minimize complications by reviewing appropriate WSU and CAS guidelines.

CAS Fellowship Policy

Official College of Arts and Sciences policy and procedure governing all extramural fellowship applications.

Federal Grant Funding Regulations

WSU strictly adheres to federal regulations for full-time and fully soft-funded researchers.

ORSO Policies

The Office of Research Support and Operations (ORSO) is the central WSU hub for research proposal submission, award reviews and negotiations, and related compliance, training, and data reporting operations. ORSO also has numerous forms and templates available.

Office of Research Assurances

A central resource of policies and standards for export controls, hazardous materials, and more. See also direct links to:

International Collaborations

From budgets to travel to fraud indicators, review key information about international collaborations.

All proposals involving international collaboration require that principal investigators complete a WSU Export Controls Decision Tree and upload the PDF result as an eREX attachment page prior to submission of the proposal for final review.

The Vice President for Research’s Memo for Export Controls provides important information about collaborations outside the United States.