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Connections in the Chaos

Craig Parks
Craig Parks

In this unprecedented age of connectivity, we’ve gained virtually limitless access to people, ideas and information regardless of geography. Humans have never been more interconnected than now. Ironically, we’ve also never been more socially isolated. » More …

Psychology prof to lecture on public project success, failure

Craig Parks
Craig Parks
Psychology Professor Craig Parks will present “Build the Skate Park and Kill the Swimming Pool: Why People Want Some Societal Projects to Succeed and Others to Fail” at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 23, in the Honors Hall Lounge. His presentation will explore the reasons some public projects succeed or fail.

Parks is the inaugural program speaker in the Honors College Distinguished Lecture Series. A branch of his research examines the conditions under which people will work for the common good or actively oppose a collectively beneficial endeavor, and the ways cooperation is affected by individuals’ personality and influence.

“We are pleased that Dr. Parks will be our first guest speaker. His research into human cooperation is ground-breaking,” said M. Grant Norton, dean.

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Trust in leaders, sense of belonging stir people to safeguard common goods, analysis shows

Craig Parks
Craig Parks

Psychological researcher Craig Parks and his co-authors emphasize the urgent need to broaden thoughtful use of public goods, noting that charitable contributions are at historic lows, fossil fuel reserves are shrinking, and climate change threatens the planet’s future.

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