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Honors and Achievements

Members of the College of Arts and Sciences community do excellent work that is recognized across the University and around the world.

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Michael Allen

Michael Allen, senior instructor, physics and astronomy, coauthored “Farming in space” for the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science.

Dana Lee Baker

Dana Lee Baker, associate professor, Audrey Anna Miller, MPA ’15, and Todd Bratton, MPA ’13, politics, philosophy, and public affairs, WSU Vancouver, coauthored “E’s Are Good: Standards of Quality in Public Administration as Reflected in Discourse on Canadian Public Policy Design” in Teaching Public Administration.

Peter BoagPeter Boag, professor, history, presented the invited lecture, “Gender and the Historicity of Parricide: A Case Study from the 19th-Century North American West,” at the international workshop Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother: Violence Against Parents in the North of Europe at Oxford University, England, funded by the Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils for the Humanities and the Social Sciences and Trivium: Tampere Centre for Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Studies.

Donna CampbellDonna Campbell, associate professor, English, authored “Experimental Narratives: Samuel” in Approaches to Teaching the Works of Jack London (New York: Modern Language Association).

Joe CampbellJoe Campbell, professor, politics, philosophy, and public affairs, authored “Strawson’s Free Will Skepticism” in International Journal for the Study of Skepticism. Campbell also was named editor of the forthcoming Blackwell Companion to Free Will, with contributions from several prominent philosophy scholars, including Marilyn McCord Adams, Brian Leftow, and Alfred Mele.

Patrick CarterPatrick Carter, professor, biological sciences, coauthored “Evolution of the additive genetic variance-covariance matrix under continuous directional selection on a complex behavioural phenotype” in Proceedings of the Royal Society.

Zana Carver

Zana Carver, postdoctoral candidate, environment, coauthored “Non-invasive saliva human biomonitoring: development of an in vitro platform” in Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology.

Abdolreza Jahanbekam
KW Hipps
Ursula Mazur
Bhaskar Chilukuri

Bhaskar Chilukuri, research assistant professor, Ursula Mazur, professor, K.W. Hipps, professor and chair, and Abdolreza Jahanbekam, postdoctoral research associate, chemistry, coauthored “A kinetically trapped two-component self-assembled adlayer” in Journal of Physical Chemistry.

Thomas Preston
Martha Cottam

Martha Cottam and Thomas Preston, professors, politics, philosophy, and public affairs, and colleagues coauthored Introduction to Political Psychology, 3rd Edition (Routledge).

Nairanjana Jan DasguptaNairanjana “Jan” Dasgupta, professor, mathematics and statistics, was recognized by the Office of the Provost this fall for her exemplary teaching, scholarship, and service to the WSU community.

Don DillmanDon Dillman, Regents professor, sociology, presented the invited short course “Visual Design of Surveys” for The Odum Institute at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Joyce EhrlingerJoyce Ehrlinger, assistant professor, psychology, coauthored “Understanding overconfidence: Theories of intelligence, preferential attention, and distorted self-assessment” in Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Patricia GlazebrookPatricia Glazebrook, professor and director, politics, philosophy, and public affairs, delivered two presentations: “Wisdom and Happiness: On Knowing Oneself” at the 31st Cultural Studies Dialogue: Knowledge, Expertise, and Wisdom; and “The Walking Dead: Environmental and Climate Impacts on Identity” at the 18th Civil-Military Relations Conference, both in Vienna, Austria.

William Kabasenche
Michael Goldsby

Michael Goldsby, assistant professor, and William Kabasenche, professor, politics, philosophy, and public affairs, coauthored “Uncertainty, Bias, and Equipoise: A New (Old) Approach to the Ethics of Clinical Research” in Theoretical and Applied Ethics. Goldsby also coauthored “Climate Modeling: Comments on Coincidence, Conspiracy, and Climate Change Denial” in Environmental Philosophy.

Pierce GreenbergPierce Greenberg, graduate student, sociology, co-conducted the workshop “Using Public Records Research to Enact Social Change” at the Association for Humanist Sociology annual conference in Portland, Ore.

Lawrence HatterLawrence Hatter, assistant professor, history, authored the chapter “‘To acquire the equivocal attributes of American Citizen and British Subject:’ Nationality and Nationhood in the Early American West, 1796-1819” in The Meaning of Citizenship (Detroit: Wayne State University Press).

Craig HemmensCraig Hemmens, professor and chair, criminal justice and criminology, was selected to serve as editor-in-chief of the Criminal Law Bulletin (Thomson Reuters), one of the top peer-reviewed scholarly journals of criminal law and procedure.

Season HoardSeason Hoard, professor, politics, philosophy, and public affairs, authored Does Gender Expertise Matter? Toward a Theory of Policy Success (New York: Palgrave Macmillan).

Martha Cottam
Joe Huseby

Joe Huseby, instructor, Bruno Baltodano, PhD ’15, and Martha Cottam, professor, politics, philosophy, and public affairs, coauthored the forthcoming Confronting al Qaeda: The Sunni Awakening and American Strategy in al Anbar (Rowman-Littlefield).

Noriko KawamuraNoriko Kawamura, associate professor, history, authored Emperor Hirohito and the Pacific War (University of Washington Press), and already has begun work on a sequel. Kawamura is president of the Asian Studies of the Pacific Coast, a regional organization of the national Association for Asian Studies.

Monica Kirkpatrick JohnsonMonica Kirkpatrick Johnson, professor, sociology, authored “Reconceptualizing Agency within the Life Course: The Power of Looking Ahead” in American Journal of Sociology.

Andrea Walker
Michael Klein

Michael Klein and Andrea Walker, graduate students, Mary Stohr, professor, and Craig Hemmens, professor and chair, criminal justice and criminology, coauthored “The Consequences of Official Labels: An Examination of the Rights Lost By the Mentally Ill and Mentally Incompetent Since 1989” to appear in Community Mental Health Journal.

Julie Kmec

Julie Kmec, professor, Elizabeth Harris, PhD ’15, and Lindsey Connor, PhD ’12, sociology, coauthored “Giving Care and Perceived Discrimination: The Social and Organizational Context of Family Responsibility Discrimination” in Research in the Sociology of Work. Kmec, who is Edward R. Meyer Distinguished Professor in the Liberal Arts, was recognized by the Office of the Provost this fall for her exemplary teaching, scholarship, and service to the WSU community.

Tina KraussTina Krauss, academic advisor, biological sciences, received the WSU Academic Advising Association’s 2015 Outstanding Achievement in Academic Advising award.

Annie Lampman
Photo courtesy University of Idaho

Annie Lampman, instructor, English, authored the essay “The Joints That Hold Us Together” in The Massachusetts Review. At the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment in Detroit, Lampman chaired the panel “Culture, Art, and Politics of Modern Wilderness: management and ‘use’ of the Owyhee Canyonlands Wilderness” and presented her essay “Into the Desert,” based on her experience as a 2014 U.S. Bureau of Land Management wilderness artist-in-residence.

Anthony LopezAnthony C. Lopez, associate professor, politics, philosophy, and public affairs, WSU Vancouver, authored “Evolution of War: Theory and Controversy” to appear in International Theory. He also presented “Immaterial Causes of War: A Taste for Revenge?” at the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS) Investigative Workshop on Evolution and Warfare at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Fritz Knorr
Jeanne McHale

Jeanne McHale, professor, and Fritz Knorr, adjunct professor, chemistry, coauthored “Imaging luminescent traps on single Anatase TiO 2 crystals: The influence of surface capping on photoluminescence and charge transport” in Journal of Physical Chemistry.

Ellen Preece
Barry Moore

Barry Moore, associate professor, and Ellen Preece, doctoral candidate, environment, and a colleague coauthored “Transfer of Microcystin from Freshwater Lakes to Puget Sound, WA, and Toxin Accumulation in Marine Mussels (Mytilus trossulus)” in Ecotoxicity and Environmental Safety.

Enrico Pirotta
Leslie New

Leslie New, assistant professor, and Enrico Pirotta, postdoctoral associate, mathematics and statistics, coauthored “Predicting the effects of human developments on individual dolphins to understand potential long-term population consequences” in Proceedings of the Royal Society.

Craig ParksCraig Parks, professor, psychology, coauthored “Does information about others’ behavior undermine cooperation in social dilemmas” in Group Processes & Intergroup Relations.

Kirk Peterson
Payal Parmar

Payal Parmar, postdoctoral associate, and Kirk Peterson, professor, chemistry, coauthored “Multireference configuration interaction calculations of the first six ionization potentials of the uranium atom” in Journal of Chemical Physics.

Sue PeabodySue Peabody, professor, history, WSU Vancouver, presented the invited paper “Emancipation or Integration?: Migration Rights from the French Colonies towards Mainland France in the Age of Slavery” at the international interdisciplinary colloquium Archeology of Migrations, sponsored by the National Institute for Archeological Preservation Research at the Musée de l’Immigration on November 13, 2015, in Paris, France.

kirk-peterson_88x106Kirk Peterson, professor, chemistry, coauthored “Theoretical spectroscopy study of the low lying electronic states of UX and UX+, X=F and C1” in Journal of Chemical Physics.

Alex Stoudt
Evan Klein
Raymond Quock

Raymond Quock, professor, psychology, co-presented with Yangmiao Zhang, PhD ’15, Evan Klein BS ’15, and Paxton Smith and Alex Stoudt, undergraduates, four research posters at the 45th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Chicago: “A mechanistic study of the effects of nitrous oxide on spatial working memory in mice”; “Hyperbaric oxygen produces antinociception in mice by activating CB1 cannabinoid receptors”; “Investigating the antinociceptive effect of hyperbaric oxygen in an animal model of fibromyalgia: role of nitric oxide”; and “Hyperbaric oxygen suppresses paclitaxel-induced neuropathic pain through the rostral ventromedial medulla.”

Travis RidoutTravis N. Ridout, professor, politics, philosophy, and public affairs, coauthored four articles: “Sponsorship, Disclosure and Donors: Limiting the Impact of Outside Group Ads” in Political Research Quarterly; “Politics as Usual? When and Why Traditional Actors Often Dominate YouTube Campaigning” in Journal of Information Technology and Politics; “Party System Change and Negative Campaigning in New Zealand” in Party Politics; and “In a Different Voice? Explaining the Use of Men and Women as Voiceover Announcers in Political Advertising” in Political Communication. Ridout also co-presented two talks, “The Long-Term and Geographically-Constrained Effects of Political Advertising on Political Polarization” and “Interest Group Issue Strategies: Advertising in the 2014 Elections,” at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association in San Francisco; and he recently was named chair of APSA’s Political Communication section.

David Makin

Doug Routh, graduate student, and David Makin, associate professor, with Mary Stohr, professor, and Craig Hemmens, professor and chair, criminal justice and criminology, coauthored “Transgender Inmates in Prisons: Legal Issues and Policies” in International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology.

88SQUAREDJeffrey and Karen Savage, associate professors, music, performing as 88SQUARED, presented in Singapore the world premiere of a new work for two pianos that they commissioned. The couple also released a new CD, Lowell Liebermann, Complete Works for Two Pianos, on Albany Records, recorded at WSU Pullman and containing the new composition.

Julia Pusateri
Pip Sherwood

Several graduate students in political science, philosophy, and public affairs presented at the Pacific Northwest Political Science Association annual meeting in Boise, Idaho. Among them, Pip Sherwood and Julia Pusateri won awards for their respective poster presentations: “Psychological Appeals in Terrorist Recruitment: Examining White Supremacists” and “The New Conservative? Utilizing Operational Code and Psychobiography to Understand British Prime Minister David Cameron.” See the complete list of PPPA graduate student presenters and their topics. Sherwood also presented “Psychological Appeals” at the American Political Science Association in San Francisco, and “Who Joins and Why? An Examination of White Supremacist Recruitment” at the International Political Science Association Annual Meeting in San Diego, Calif.

Maureen Schmitter-EdgecombeMaureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, professor, psychology, coauthored “Examining the impact of formal planning on performance in older adults using a naturalistic task paradigm” in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation.

Norah Warchola
Cheryl Schultz

Cheryl Schultz, associate professor, and Norah Warchola, postdoctoral associate, biological sciences, coauthored “Fire increasing ant-tending and survival of the Fender’s blue butterfly larvae” in the Journal of Insect Conservation.

Matthew SuttonResearch by Matthew A. Sutton, professor, history, recently was featured by the National Endowment for the Humanities, which funded his study of evangelicalism in America.

Pamela ThomaPamela Thoma, associate professor, critical culture, gender, and race studies, presented “Missing Children and Orphan Clones: Gender, Family, and Reproduction in Twenty-First Century Popular Narratives of American Decline” and presented a graduate seminar on postfeminism and “chick lit” at Simmons College in Boston. She also presented “Cute Entrepreneurialism: Anna Akana’s Ironic Self-Making and the Critique of Cute and Cool Creative Labor” at Console-ing Passions’s 23rd International Conference on Television, Audio, Video, New Media, and Feminism in Dublin, Ireland.

James F. Short
Jennifer Schwartz
Jarred Williams

Several WSU sociology scholars presented at the American Society of Criminology annual meeting in Washington, D.C. Jarred Williams, graduate student, presented “A Quantitative Analysis of the Effects of Prison Closures on Imprisonment Rates and New Court Commitments, 2000-2013”; Jennifer Schwartz, associate professor, presented “Examining 21st Century Corporate Financial Fraud: Preliminary Findings from SEC Filings”; and James F. Short, professor emeritus, and Lori Hughes, PhD ’03, presented “Female Gangs and the Roles of Females in the Lives of Male Gang Members in Chicago, 1959-1962.” Short also chaired a discussion of two recent books about war and mass violence.

Bryan VilaBryan Vila, professor, criminal justice and criminology, co-presented about fatigue in policing at the Saskatchewan Police Officer Wellness Conference in Saskatchewan, Canada.

xueying-snow-wang_88x106Xueying Wang, assistant professor, mathematics and statistics, coauthored “Reaction-convection-diffusion model for cholera spatial dynamics” in Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems.

Kim Christen WitheyKim Christen Withey, associate professor, English, and co-director, Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation, delivered a keynote address at the 2015 Digital Humanities Forum “Peripheries, Barriers, Hierarchies: Rethinking Access, Inclusivity, and Infrastructure in Global DH Practice” at the University of Kansas.

Michael Salamone
Orion Yoesle

Orion Yoesle, graduate student, politics, philosophy, and public affairs, presented “Ideology and Television Advertising in Judicial Races” based on research conducted with Michael Salamone, assistant professor, at the American Political Science Association annual meeting in San Francisco.

Robert McCoy
Pavithra Narayanan

Three members of CAS joined the WSU Faculty Senate as at-large members in the arts and humanities: Pavithra Narayanan, associate professor, English, WSU Vancouver; Pamela Thoma, associate professor, critical culture, gender, and race studies; and alternate senator Robert McCoy, associate professor, history.

They join CAS senators Shila Baksi, assistant professor, anthropology; Kathy Beerman, professor, biological sciences; Greg Crouch, clinical associate professor, chemistry; Robert Dillon, professor, mathematics; Dennis Dyck, professor, psychology, WSU Spokane; David Jarvis, professor, music; Jeannette Mageo, professor, anthropology; Melanie-Angela Neuilly, assistant professor, criminal justice and criminology; Donna Potts, professor, English; Leslie Jo Sena, instructor, English; Brendan Walker, associate professor, psychology; and Kurt Wilkie, instructor, environment; and standing committee chairs Judith McDonald, professor, mathematics; Travis Ridout, associate professor, politics, philosophy, and public affairs; Jeffrey Savage, associate professor, music; and Greg Yasinitsky, Regents professor, music.