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COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Honors and Achievements


Andra Chastain.Andra Chastain, assistant professor, history, WSU Vancouver, authored “‘A Shameful and Uncivilized Spectacle’: Taxibuses, Students, and the Conflicted Road to Deregulation in Pinochet’s Chile, 1975–1978″ in Journal of Transport History; and “Rethinking Basic Infrastructure: French Aid and Metro Development in Postwar Latin America,” in a special issue of Comparativ, “Transforming Cities: Urbanization and International Development in Africa and Latin America since 1945.”

Languages, Cultures, and Race

John Streamas.John Streamas, associate professor, languages, cultures, and race, presented “Steering Around the Transpacific in the Contemporary American Nuclear Imaginary” at the Association for Asian American Studies’ annual conference online.

Streamas also presented “Displacement and the Japanese American Experience”: a reading and conversation with graphic novelist Kiku Hughes for the Get Lit! literary festival of Eastern Washington University.