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COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Honors and Achievements

Languages, Cultures, and Race

Vilma Navarro-Daniels.Vilma Navarro-Daniels, associate professor, languages, cultures, and race, authored the chapter “Cathartic Fear, Television, and Memory: The Archives of the Cardinal” in Narratives of Fear: Terror in 20th and 21st Century Latin American Literary, Cinematic, and Television Works (Peter Lang Publishing, New York).

Anthropology and Biological Sciences

Shannon Tushingham.

Erica Palmer, BA ’16, and Shannon Tushingham,  assistant professor, anthropology, coauthored “Human Use of Small Forage Fish: Improved Ancient DNA Species Identification Techniques Reveal Long-term Record of Sustainable Mass Harvesting of Smelt Fisher in the Northeast Pacific Rim” in Journal of Archaeological ScienceBrian Kemp, former faculty member in anthropology and biological sciences, is third author.

Languages, Cultures, and Race

Vilma Navarro-Daniels.
Maria Serenella Previto.
Begona de Quintana Lasa.

Vilma Navarro-Daniels, associate professor, Maria Serenella Previto, associate clinical professor, and Begoña De Quintana Lasa, graduate student, languages, cultures, and race, presented at the annual meeting of the Association of Gender and Sexuality Studies in Chicago.

Daniels presented “Alejandro Moreno Jashés’s, The Fascist Lover: When Evil has a Female Voice.” Lasa presented “Queer Gothic in Rosalía de Castro’s, El Caballero de las Botas Azules.” Previto presented “Voice and Pact of Silence: An Approach to Cristina Fernández Cubas’s Blood Sisters.


Christine Horne.

Christine Horne, professor, sociology, authored “The conditionality of norms: The case of bridewealth” in Social Psychology Quarterly; and “Explaining Support for Renewable Energy: Commitments to Self-Sufficiency and Communion” in Environmental Politics. She also co-authored “How can consumer trust in energy utilities be increased? The effects of prosocial, proenvironmental, and service-oriented investments” in Organizations and Environment.


Jon Hegglund, associate professor, English, authored the chapter “Unnatural Narratology and Weird Realism in Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation” in Environment and Narrative: New Directions in Econarratology (forthcoming, Ohio State University Press); and “A Home for the Anthropocene: Planetary Time and Domestic Space in Richard McGuire’s Here” in Literary Geographies (forthcoming). Hegglund also presented the invited lecture, “Alien Expressions: Language, Faciality, and Anthropomorphism,” at the Personification Across Disciplines conference in Durham, England.

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