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COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Honors and Achievements

Languages, Cultures, and Race

Charles Toye.Charles Toye, graduate student, languages, cultures, and race, presented “Su espacio propio: heterotopía y feminidad masculina en Los Motivos de Circe, de Lourdes Ortiz.” (“A Space of Her Own: Heterotopia and Masculine Femininity in Lourdes Ortiz’s Circe’s Motives) at the 11th Annual Graduate Student Conference, “Voices of Marginality: Literary and Linguistic Reflections on Cultural Hierarchies in Spain and Latin America,” University of Colorado, Boulder.

Sociology and Mathematics and Statistics

Namrata Ray.
Jugal Marfatia.

Namrata Ray, doctoral student, sociology, and Jugal Marfatia, graduate student, mathematics and statistics, were selected as finalists in the National Football League’s Big Data Bowl 2020 based on the innovation, accuracy, relevance, and clarity of their submission, which they presented at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.