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Share your success

The online roll call for achievements in print and practice is currently being redeveloped and will return in 2024.

Thank you for your patience.

CAS faculty, staff, and graduate students:

Please use this simple form to tell the CAS communications team about your recent (within 3-4 months) honors and achievements—such as publication of major research papers, chapters, monographs, CDs, and books; art exhibitions; honorary* awards; major performances; and conference presentations.

Providing information about your accomplishments will help us spread the word across the University and to external media. Your honors and achievements also will be posted on the college website and will be part of monthly communications to CAS faculty and staff. Your input will be sent simultaneously to your unit chair or director and/or administrative designee.

(*Do not report grant awards here; instead, please contact CAS Grant and Fellowship Support.)

Form currently unavailable.

Other examples of qualifying H&A:

  • recognition award or fellowship from a scholarly/professional organization
  • leadership of a professional service project
  • election to office in a scholarly/professional organization

Non-qualifying items include self-published books, articles in the general media, and awards from within CAS, which are announced elsewhere