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Sociologist examines changing rural economics

For decades, amenity tourism has been widely promoted and embraced by residents of rural communities as an opportunity to recover from the loss of extractive industries, like logging and mining. On the surface, it looks like it works, but Jennifer Sherman dug deeper and found a social landscape of inequality and privilege marked by deep divisions. Read more >>>

Red backed fairywren.Wildfire affects bird plumage

Biology doctoral student Jordan Boersma found many male red-backed fairywrens failed to molt into their annual ornamental plumage. Learn more >>

Picture-perfect community

First-generation student and WSU Top Ten Senior Kyle Kopta found his academic and creative home in the digital technology and culture degree program. Learn more >>

Students march holding a Black Lives Matter banner on the WSU Pullman campus.Modernizing Curriculum

Issues of systemic racial bias, fairness, and equity at the forefront of the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology student experience. Learn more >>


Undergraduate Research

It’s more than just lab coats. You might develop a sculpture technique, study ancient documents, or discover how to make solar panels more efficient.

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Pursue your thirst for knowledge and gain a competitive advantage with an advanced degree.

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The College of Arts and Sciences provides fundamental support, collaboration, innovation, and creativity to achieve broad societal impact.



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