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Anthropologist Timothy Kohler’s research into the relationships among demography, violence, wealth inequality, social evolution, and climate variability have improved methods of understanding the past, and his findings have echoes into the present. The United Nations named Kohler as a lead author on its recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, and he recently received one of the highest honors for a scientist: election to the National Academy of Sciences. Read More >>

Annie Lu, Noah Hansen,, Lauren Forseth, and Vanesa Marar.Meet the 2022 CAS Outstanding Seniors
An international researcher, a police cadet, a certified nursing assistant, and a young mother who speaks five languages are among the 24 students honored in 2022. More >

Vivienne Baldassare.A ‘Goldilocks’ search among the stars
Physicist Vivienne Baldassare is using NASA’s Chandra Observatory and the world’s most powerful X-ray telescope look for medium-sized black holes. More >

Premature newborn baby girl in a hospital incubator.Predicting preterm birth
A epigenetic signature found in the cheek cells of parents may lead to testing that could alert medical providers to the need for early intervention. More >


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