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Three professors

A Teachable Moment

WSU political science professors talk about the state of the electorate, the tone of the campaigns, and important issues ahead. Read more >>>

Legalization & Enforcement

A $1M, three-year study will look at how the legalization of marijuana has affected law enforcement and crime. Learn about the WSU study >>>

WSU student research in creek

Road Salt & Tadpoles

Zoology grad student and EPA STAR fellow transforms a childhood curiosity into meaningful environmental research. Read about her journey >>>



Undergraduate Research

It’s more than just lab coats. You might develop a sculpture technique, study ancient documents, or discover how to make solar panels more efficient.

Graduate Education and Training

Pursue your thirst for knowledge and gain a competitive advantage with an advanced degree.

Grand Challenges

The College of Arts and Sciences provides fundamental support, collaboration, innovation, and creativity to achieve broad societal impact.



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