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Honors and Achievements

Members of the College of Arts and Sciences community do excellent work that is recognized across the University and around the world.

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Jeffrey Jones
Carlo Barnaba

Carlo Barnaba, graduate student, and Jeffrey Jones, professor, chemistry, coauthored “Mechanism-based inhibition of CYP3A4 by podophyllotoxin: integrating biophysical measurements into predictive analysis” in Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

Katherine BittingerKatherine Bittinger, doctoral candidate, sociology, was named WSU Woman of Distinction in graduate studies.

Kimberly BurwickKim Burwick, clinical assistant professor, English, presented “The Image Elemental: Taking Stock of Gary Snyder’s Turtle Island” at the Palm Beach Poetry Festival, Palm Beach, Fla. Burwick also was nominated for a 2016 Pushcart Prize.

Todd ButlerTodd Butler, associate professor and chair, English, presented “Milton, Deliberative Liberty, and the Law of Spousal Privileges” at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, Center for Medieval and Early Modern Law and Literature. He also presented on “Oath-Taking and Promise-Making in Early Modern England” at the Renaissance Society of America conference in Boston, Mass.

Anna Plemons
Beth Buyserie

Beth Buyserie and Anna Plemons, clinical assistant professors, English, coauthored the chapter “Retention, Critical Pedagogy, and Students as Agents: Eschewing the Deficit Model” in Retention, Persistence, and Writing Programs (Utah State University Press, forthcoming).

Meghan CampMeghan Camp, research assistant, environment, coauthored “Selection of food patches by sympatric herbivores in response to concealment and distance from a refuge” in Ecology and Evolution.

Abbey Brewer
Raymond Quock
Rebecca Craft

Rebecca Craft, professor and CAS associate dean, Raymond Quock, professor, and Abbey Brewer, graduate student, psychology, coauthored “Investigation of the effect of sex on hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2)-induced antinociception in a rat model of neuropathic pain” in Journal of Pain.

Brice DarrasBrice Darras, graduate student, sociology, received the WSU Graduate School’s Anne and Russ Fuller Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Research/Scholarship.

Michael DelahoydeMichael Delahoyde, clinical professor, English, was honored by the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association with an award established in his name for his 14 years of editorial service: the Michael Delahoyde Award for Distinguished Contributions in Editing.

Liz DzialoLiz Dzialo, graduate student, sociology, was awarded the WSU Association for Faculty Women’s Founders Award 2016.

Leeann Hunter
Patricia Ericsson

Patricia Ericsson, associate professor, Leeann Hunter, clinical assistant professor, and Elizabeth Edwards and Ti Macklin, doctoral alumni, English, coauthored “Composition at Washington State University: Building a Multimodal Bricolage” in Composition Forum.

Bryan FryBryan Fry, clinical assistant professor, English, authored “The Good Son” in South Dakota Review.

Pierce GreenbergPierce Greenberg, graduate student, sociology, presented “Spatial Inequality and Uneven Rural Development: The Local Stratification of Poverty in Appalachia” at the Appalachian Studies Association annual meeting in Shepherdstown, WV, and received the ASA’s Carl A. Ross Student Paper Award. He also received the Alexander A. Smick Scholarship in Rural Community Service and Development through the WSU College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences.

Michael HanlyMichael Hanly, professor, English, presided over the 50th anniversary conference of the Medieval Association of the Pacific, “A Global Middle Ages,” at the University of California, Davis.

Desiree Hellegers “Catechism follows recess” by Desiree Hellegers, associate professor, English, WSU Vancouver, about Nick Ut’s Pulitzer-prize-winning 1972 photo of nine-year-old Phan Thi Kim Phuc running from a napalm strike on her village in Vietnam, is among 139 poems “long-listed” from among some 13,000 entries in the UK-based Poetry Society’s National Poetry Competition 2015.

ChulHee KangChulHee Kang, professor, chemistry, coauthoredProgrammed chloroplast destruction during leaf senescence involves 13-lipoxygenase (13-LOX)” in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Joanna KelleyJoanna Kelley, assistant professor, biological sciences, is the recipient of the Society for Molecular Biology & Evolution’s inaugural Junior Award for Independent Research. She also coauthored “Human enamel thickness and ENAM polymorphism” in International Journal of Oral Science.

Julie KmecJulie Kmec, professor, sociology, authored “Workplace Regulation of Sexual Harassment and Federal and State-Level Legal Environments” forthcoming in Research in the Sociology of Work.

tim-kohler_88x106Timothy Kohler, professor, and Kyle Bocinsky, PhD ’15, anthropology, coauthored “Exploration and exploitation in the macrohistory of the pre-Hispanic Pueblo Southwest” in Science Advances.

Carolyn LongCarolyn Long, associate professor, politics, philosophy, and public affairs, received the inaugural Sam Reed Distinguished Professorship in Civic Education and Public Civility at a ceremony in Olympia. She will use the professorship to expand the work of the Initiative for Public Deliberation.

Alair MacLeanAlair MacLean, associate professor, sociology, WSU Vancouver, coauthored “Income Inequality and the Military” and “The Social Fallout of a High-Inequality Regime,” both in Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science: Living in a High Inequality Regime 663, for which she also served as co-editor. MacLean also authored “Skills mismatch? Military Service, Combat Occupations, and Civilian Earnings” the forthcoming Sociological Perspectives.

david-marcus_88x106David Marcus, chair, psychology, coauthored “Identifying careless responding with the psychopathic personality inventory-revised validity scales” in Assessment.

Pedro Jimenez MejiasPedro Jiménez Mejías, postdoctoral researcher, biological sciences, coauthored “Narrow endemics on coastal plains: Miocene divergence of the critically endangered genus Avellara (Compositae)” in Plant Biology.

Amber MorczekAmber Morczek, doctoral candidate, criminal justice and criminology, received the WSU Division of Student Affairs’ Outstanding Student Award. Morczek also presented “Pornography: Normalizing the Relationship Between Violence and Sex” at the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault in Albany.

Melanie NeuillyMelanie-Angela Neuilly, assistant professor, criminal justice and criminology, authored “Within and Inter-Institutional Differences Between Death Certifiers on Autopsy Conclusions” forthcoming in Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Leslie NewLeslie New, assistant professor, mathematics and statistics, coauthored “Monitoring population-level responses of marine mammals to human activities” in Marine Mammal Science.

Arlene ParkayArlene Parkay, academic coordinator, CAS, was honored with a WSU President’s LEAD (Leadership and Engagement Awards of Distinction) Award in the staff and faculty category.

Kirk PetersonKirk Peterson, professor, chemistry, coauthored “Combined theoretical and experimental study of the valence, Rydberg, and ionic states of chlorobenzene” in Journal of Chemical Physics.

Christine PortforsChristine Portfors, professor, biological sciences, WSU Vancouver, accepted the position of associate vice chancellor for research and graduate education in the Office of Academic Affairs, a position she has held on an interim basis since 2014.

Tahira ProbstTahira Probst, professor, psychology, coauthored “Mitigating physiological responses to layoff threat: An experimental test of the efficacy of two coping interventions” in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Ana Maria Rodriguez VivaldiAna Maria Rodriguez-Vivaldi, associate dean, CAS, was honored with a WSU Graduate and Professional Students Association Award of Excellence as an Academic Advisor.

Gretchen Rollwagen-BollensGretchen Rollwagen-Bollens, clinical associate professor, environment, WSU Vancouver, received the 2016 Students’ Award for Teaching Excellence.

Linda RussoLinda Russo, clinical associate professor, English, presented five talks and readings in the United Kingdom, including “Verdant Intersections: An Event on Landscape, Ecology, Poetry and Performance” at the University of London’s Birkbeck College. Russo’s article “Seriously Vivacious Reading: A Feminist Poetics of Literary Inquiry” appeared in The Norwich Radical (U.K.).

Raihan SharifRaihan Sharif, doctoral candidate, critical culture, gender, and race studies, authored “Critical Theories for the 21st Century: Game for Change, Dance for Future, and Rhythm for Revolution” in Heathwood Journal of Critical Theory; and “Beyond Metropolises: Hybridity in a Transnational Context” in Disclosure: A Journal of Social Theory.

Carol SiegelCarol Siegel, professor, English, WSU Vancouver, chaired a panel on problems in academe and presented “Class Blind: Social Justice Failure within Academe” at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association meeting in Seattle. She also chaired a panel and presented “Perverse Sexualities and Anti-Semitism in Film: A Case Study of Opposed Visions” at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in Atlanta. Siegel’s paper “‘Miller’s Crossing’: Shattering ‘The Glass Key’” will be presented  at the American Literature Association in San Francisco in May; and her essay “Two Funerals and a Wedding: Not So Nice Jewish Girls in ‘Transparent’ and ‘Broad City’” will appear in Sex and Storytelling II.

Barry Moore
Megan Skinner

Megan Skinner, research assistant, and Barry Moore, associate professor, environment, coauthored “Is lipid correction necessary in the stable isotope analysis of fish tissues?” in Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry.

Matt StichterMatt Stichter, associate professor, politics, philosophy, and public affairs, presented “The Politics of Ethical Expertise” at the American Philosophical Association Central Division Meeting in Chicago.

Victor ValenciaVictor Valencia, research associate, environment, coauthored “Tectonic evolution of the North Patagonian Andes (41°–44° S) through recognition of syntectonic strata” in Tectonophysics.