Seven Washington State University faculty members—all in the College of Arts and Sciences—received fellowships through the 2018 Arts and Humanities Fellowship Program, a program funded by the WSU Office of Research.

The program awarded $60,153 to support six projects that focus on faculty professional goals to advance university-wide arts and humanities initiatives. The provisionally approved Center for the Arts and Humanities will host a monthly Fellows Seminar during the 2018-19 academic year to support and promote the projects.

“These grants showcase the range and innovation of creative and humanistic work at WSU,” said Todd Butler, chair of the fellowship review committee. “These faculty are taking on challenging questions and demonstrating the vital contributions the arts and humanities can make to both today’s society and our knowledge of the past.”

The winning faculty are: Carol Siegel, Department of English, WSU Vancouver; Hallie Meredith, Department of Fine Art, WSU Pullman; Sue Peabody, Department of History, WSU Vancouver; Michael Goldsby and Samantha Noll, Department of Philosophy, WSU Pullman; Julia Cassaniti, Department of Anthropology, WSU Pullman; and Troy Bennefield, School of Music, WSU Pullman.

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