Patricia Trish Glazebrook

Patricia “Trish” Glazebrook, professor and director, politics, philosophy, and public affairs, presented “The Hunger Games: A Case-Study of Climate Impacts and Women Farmers’ Adaptations in Ghana” at the Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference, co-sponsored by WSU and the University of Idaho and organized by Michael Goldsby, assistant professor, and Joe Campbell , professor. Glazebrook also was a panelist at the Heidegger and Technology Forum, London School of Economics, and presented at two other conferences: “Letting beings be: Gestell, Gelassenheit and gender” at the Heidegger on Technology Conference, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK; and “Eye in the Sky: A Case Study of Drone Law Adequacy” at the Ethics of Counter-Terrorism conference of the Euro International Society for Military Ethics in Europe at Akerhaus Fortress in Oslo. She also presented two invited addresses: “Climate Impacts and women Farmers’ Adaptation in Ghana” at the University of Bergen, Norway; and “Nihilism, Science, and Global Conquest” at the Summer Institute for Continental Philosophy at Douglas College in New Westminster, BC, Canada.